Monday, July 4, 2011

Eddy B. and Tim Gunter's "Overseas EP"

Eddy B. and Tim Gunter are both college students in North Carolina (UNCG and NC State respectively), and have a good thing going. I've posted about them twice before, one of which was about a track that would later become the single for their "Overseas EP" that came out today - "Good Girls (Cris Cab Remix). Sampling songs left and right, the college duo are playing the market wisely. Nowadays, everyone wants to hear mashups and revisit songs they grew up listening to. Personally, I don't think there's anything better than an original track from an artist trying to break the mainstream mold, but I can't deny that sampling is fun and addicting. These guys are on the rise and this EP will only put them closer to fame. Hope you enjoy the music on your 4th of July!

Download: Overseas EP
(If you like the two tracks below, go ahead and download the whole tape, the remaining tracks are of the same caliber)

Good Girls (Cris Cab Remix): This track had me sold just by its title. I don't see why you wouldn't at least download this track as Cris Cab's "Good Girls" is easily one of Beat Dropping's most popular tracks to date. The duo does a good job of including Cab's vocals at the right times; I'm glad they didn't try and reproduce the chorus because it's easily one of the best of the year.

Wake Up (Sublime Remix): Sampling the instrumental from Sublime's "What I Got," Eddy B and Time Gunter found their perfect match. This track has a great flow and Eddy B's lyricism is flawless. A catchy hook is also included.

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