Tuesday, July 19, 2011

David Gray's "Foundling"

I was sent David Gray's latest album, "Foundling," this past weekend and I can't believe what I have been missing. Released in August last year, the album is not brand new, but is still Gray's latest creation. If you have not heard of him or do not own "Foundling," then stop and read this post in its entirety.

I can honestly say, and this is hard to come by seeing how picky we can be, that I can listen to all 19 songs on this album and genuinely enjoy each one. The album has a unique effect on listeners, such that you lose yourself in the music. Gray's voice is the majority cause of this effect, as it resonates smoothly throughout every note in every song. The instrumentals also create a soothing feeling that seems to envelop the listener. Which is the best track? Personally, I'm obsessed with "Davey Jones' Locker." Gray does a phenomenal job of speeding things up and slowing them back down while showcasing the mighty vocal chords God gave him. I also like Pirates of the Caribbean.

David Gray's "Foundling," and the rest of his music, is easy listening and perfect for relaxing, studying, and any music fan that can appreciate a near perfect album. The only negative with "Foundling" is that I am just now owning it. I obviously highly recommend you purchase this album, but if you're broke, you can enjoy the free song below.

Indeed I Will - David Gray

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