Monday, July 4, 2011

Dan Mills' "Fiction In Photographs"

Dan Mills and his band are from Brooklyn, New York, and dabble in a wide set of genres that include acoustic, funk, blues, and pop/rock. I don't know much about him other than that his music is great. He recently came out with a free album called "Fiction In Photographs" that only requires two things of you: your email (for the download link), and a friend's email in hopes that the band can widen their fan base. When listening to their music, it's evident who has influenced them as I'm reminded of artists such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and a little bit of John Mayer. The following three songs are handpicked by me from "Fiction In Photographs," as I see them as the best ones. If you like what you hear, help Dan and his band out by visiting his website and downloading the entire album (10 songs). Enjoy

Rhody Girl - Dan Mills

This Town - Dan Mills

Those Clothes - Dan Mills

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