Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shining With Gabriel Stark and Brenton Duvall

I hate to take the spotlight off of "Covering Your Wednesdays," but I had to post this song via GMAD. Gabriel Stark teamed up with Brenton Duvall and produced a track this afternoon that recycles Duvall's original beat from one of his earliest gems, "That's All." Starky comes in and unleashes his laid back demeanor on top, and a sweet, summer song results.

The Good: Gabriel Stark is relatively new on the scene but he's making his presence heard in a way that's earning respect throughout the hip-hop community. His lyricism is clever, and his flow is laid back. Together, those two qualities make for very addicting tracks. Obviously the decision to team up with Brenton Duvall is a good one, and will always be as the kid produces mind-boggling beats. The instrumental in this track is my personal favorite from Duvall; it's simple and catchy.

The Bad: "That's All", in my opinion, is the best track Duvall has produced in his young career. That being said, I don't like seeing it being recycled.

The Verdict: "Shining" by Gabriel Stark and Brenton Duvall is a must download. Although I'm finding myself playing favorites with Duvall's "That's All," and don't like seeing the beat being reused, I can't deny that this track is golden. Start following Stark on twitter and his website if you like his style, because this kid is going places. His new mixtape is scheduled to release on July 4th. To download, click on the down arrow to the right of the player.

Shining (Produced by Brenton Duvall) by gabestarky10

For Comparison:
That's All (ft. Gucci)- Brenton Duvall

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