Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Track from The Good Husbands

I've posted about The Good Husbands before a couple of times and to my pleasure, I get to post about them once more. Although it's only half the group this time with Zach LaRiviere and Tyler Roberts, they just released a new track called "Band On The Run" and it's an instant favorite in my library right now. They produced another laid back beat that flows so well. It may be a stretch to compare, but this group's style reminds me a little bit of Snoop Dogg. They're relaxed, continuous, and clever. I could easily listen to this track on repeat all day and night, and I hope you can too. Follow these guys on their myspace page and help support their music. Also, if you look for more of their music on Beat Dropping and can't seem to play or download a track, email me and I'll send you the mp3 as soon as I can. Enjoy

Band On The Run - The Good Husbands

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