Thursday, June 2, 2011

The New Mastersounds

Not a genre seen all too often on Beat Dropping, twice before to be exact, good funk is becoming a rarity in the music industry dominated by hip-hop, country, and rock. But, there is the occasional gem out there, and I'm doing everything I can to bring them to you. "Idle Time," by The New Mastersounds, is one of those gems. Not a new song by any means, I just stumbled across it in my library and had forgotten how good it is. Hope you enjoy it too

Idle Time - The New Mastersounds


  1. Hobbs,
    Ain't no shortage of good funk at Bear Creek Festival, again in November right down the street from you in Live Oak, FL. Check our Facebook page for links and such: We dig the beats, too. Keep up the nice work on your blog. Let's get Funky in the Fall!

  2. bear creek is an amazing festival, but especially for a lover of funk

    made the trip last yr for the first time from buffalo, ny and cant wait to do it again this year!