Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mike Stud's Summer Swag

I've known about Mike Stud and his music for a little over a year now, but never invested my full attention towards him, hence the lack of posting featuring his name. I realize this was a huge mistake, as his recently dropped track, "Summer Swag," is currently on repeat. On the first listen, I wasn't impressed with the beginning, but once the one minute mark came, I couldn't stop playing it through the headphones. Lesson learned: never judge a song until you listen to it completely. If you like "Band On The Run" by The Good Husbands (the post below), then I promise you will enjoy this track as well. Both have smooth flow and addicting hooks. If you hadn't heard yet, I'm a sucker for laid back hip-hop and especially during the summer. Visit Stud's website if you want more; enjoy.

Summer Swag - Mike Stud

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