Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Matt Moberg

Listening to a song that immediately grabs your attention and takes you on a ride filled with varying emotions is one of the best parts of running this website. This month has easily been the most productive for Beat Dropping as we have managed to establish relationships with artists and music companies, greatly increase the number of followers via Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as take a quick step towards 15,000 page views. During all of this, we have been exposed to more music than ever, including a lesser-known singer songwriter by the name of Matt Moberg.

Sarah Girl - Matt Moberg

Simplistic, humble, and talented. Matt Moberg embodies the preceding words not only in his music, but in life. Coming from Matt directly, he reflects, "My music and it's successes and failures are merely places littered upon the story of my life, but they are not my life. My life - and yours too for that matter, are much too expansive and beautiful to be limited to our selective toys. So come join in me in this journey. Come chase after life, love, and everything in between."

Love On My Arm - Matt Moberg

Matt is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been playing music throughout his home-state for a while now. He's devoted to his fans, has an incredible talent for evoking a wide array of emotions through simple songs, and is always eager to begin the next challenge. He came out with a free five song EP known as "Bravery Songs" recently, which is how he caught Beat Dropping's attention. If you like Matt's music, help promote his new EP and his name via Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes!

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