Friday, June 24, 2011

A Good Feeling With Flo Rida

I never thought I would post about Flo Rida, but here I am loving his latest track, "Good Feeling." He's been venturing into the club-styled head banging music lately and I personally think it was a wise decision on his part not only because the music industry is quickly becoming overwhelmed by electric and house music, but also because this is the first time Flo Rida has caught my attention. He goes in over Avicii's "Levels," which is already epic all by itself. According to Avicii, he "did not do any tracks with Flo Rida. Anything that is circulating the internet is completely unofficial..." Avicii's recent opinion continues and states that he is less than pleased with Flo Rida's decision to sample his music. On a lighter note, the track is a must download and is definitely going to be passed around the web whether Avicii likes it or not; you can't deny epic music like this. I hope you weren't hoping for a laid back start to your Friday, because this song is filled to the brim with energy. Let the weekend begin - enjoy.

Feel Good - Flo Rida

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