Sunday, June 19, 2011

Don't Get Confused

I love stumbling on musicians who blow me away by complete accident. I was searching 'Beau Young' on Google images in search for the new "Reverse Effect" mixtape cover from Beau Young Prince, when I was pleasantly redirected towards Beau Young of Australia's website. Obviously not the same as Beau Young Prince, this guy lives the life: he's a professional surfer and musician, and lives on the coast of Australia. A simple guy with simple music, Beau Young is a source of envy for me. He reminds me a lot of Xavier Rudd, who also hails from Australia and is one of my personal favorites. I hope you enjoy; I'm posting a lot so be sure to keep up, or subscribe by email on the sidebar to make sure you don't miss anything.

Waves of Change - Beau Young

Peace Be With You - Beau Young

Just A Memory - Beau Young

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