Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ben Taylor: A Refreshing Delivery

I know I've said that recent, featured artists on Beat Dropping have some pretty unique voices, but this is obviously one of the first qualities I look for in searching for new artists. Ben Taylor, the son of James Taylor, not only has a great voice, but his delivery is also original and refreshing. I've had the pleasure of seeing Ben in one of the most unique concert venues in the Charlotte area - The Evening Muse. It was there where I first discovered and fully appreciated his music. His style is filled with acoustic folk, and from time to time, shows traces of clever lyricism as many see in the rap community. I don't mean to say Ben raps; he doesn't. However, in certain songs, he tends to find a rhythm that emits a smooth flow and puts listeners in a state of awe. Every song he produces keeps listeners on their toes with either laughter or admiration, as comical to dramatic situations are recounted.

Wrong - Ben Taylor: Recorded during a stop at the Horseshack for a Daytrotter Session, Ben's track, "Wrong," is a great example of his unique delivery. Not much else to say, but Ben Taylor is a great singer songwriter that should be in everyone's library. Hope you enjoy, and if you do, visit his iTunes page and buy more of his music (My favorite song is "Digest").

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