Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Beat Dropping Summer Mixtape

Today is a good day for a couple of reasons. First, I survived my first day and night working backstage for Vertical Horizon, although my body is pretty stiff at the moment. Secondly, a new header, which will replace the doodle above, is coming soon and will appear after I finish drawing it. Lastly, Beat Dropping's first of hopefully a couple summer mixtapes is finished. Instead of the usual 10-song playlist, we've decided to add five more tracks for each mixtape this summer solely for your enjoyment. Personally this is my favorite mixtape that Beat Dropping has put up, and I'm hoping everyone will agree. Some of the songs have already been posted, but for the most part you're going to be hearing all new tracks. So, do what you're supposed to do over the summer and sit back, get some color, and learn how to make a beat (everyone's learning how).

A Beat Dropping Summer Mixtape: Let's Make a Beat
1. Slow John - The Hood Internet
2. Forget Who You Are - New Linen
3. The Tallest Man I Like It - Sufjan Stevens ft. Grand Puba
4. Come & Go - Aer
5. Gone - Three Legged Fox
6. City Kids - OCD: Moosh & Twist
7. Good Girls Remix - Sucka Free CJ
8. How Long It Takes - Sunday Lane
9. Feel I Bring - Aer
10. Figure 8 Remix - Gigamesh
11. Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay - Playing For Change
12. Fly Remix - Doug Bogan
13. This Shit ft. Sol - DJ Jacks Green
14. Two Step ft. DMB - Basic Physics
15. Heaven is a Bitch - Vico Ono

When you download the album, make sure to sort it by song names; the album cover is already attached to each track.

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