Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Bear Creek Music Festival

If you have some cash lying around and don't know what to spend it on, start planning a trip to Live Oak, Florida. On November 10-13, The Bear Creek Music Festival will showcase some of the best music around for four straight days. Think of it as a mini-Bonnaroo, but on a smaller scale. Just at a quick glance, my eyes caught three big names guaranteed to cause a frenzy when buying tickets - The Trey Anastasio Band, Big Gigantic, and The New Mastersounds. Click on the picture above to visit their website and find the full artist lineup, but for now, enjoy the tracks below. If you have the time and money, this is a festival you have to attend, but hurry up and get your tickets.

Big Gigantic is simply ridiculous. They're an instrumental, electronic/funk group that will make you lose control of your body; You can't help but let the head bob and the body sway. "Shine," which is the track below is my favorite.

The Trey Anastasio Band is probably the most well known appearance at this year's upcoming festival. An easy and entertaining listen, the group falls under the rock and funk genres. "The Cayman Review" is below.

I posted about The New Mastersounds last week, so I don't have much else to say. Great group, great songs. "Idle Time" is below.

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