Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Apology

I'd like to apologize for the lack of posting over the last couple of days, but I've been on spring break without my own computer. Beat Dropping will be back online Sunday night, and I can promise you numerous songs that are guaranteed to make it on your download list.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just One More Midterm...

I'm two midterms down with a Biology one tomorrow. Needless to say, I'm about burned out, and this song helps rejuvenate me each time I listen to it. I hope it does the same for you if you're up late studying. Chris O'Brien has his ways of relaxing the mind and put you in a state of calmness. "Rosa" is no exception.

Rosa - Chris O'Brien

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Tracks and Videos for Your Wednesday Afternoon

I'm playing the copying game but these tracks are too good not to post. The first I found on, and the second on Tayyib's music video for "California Love" makes me wish spring break started today instead of two midterms from now. Adiar Lion's tribute to Notorious BIG is laid back and well produced; should definitely place the kid on the map. Great tracks, hope you enjoy, download links below each video.

Tayyib Ali - California Love.mp3

Adair Lion - Sicka Than Yo Average.mp3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ready for Spring Break

I have three midterms in the next three days and I'm not happy about it, especially since spring break is next week. I'm ready for the beach, and these songs are the only thing tiding me over. Hope you get your fix as well, enjoy.

Wise Man (Acoustic)- Slightly Stoopid

Dela - Johnny Clegg

Dread Head Dream - Cas Haley

Brand New Mac Miller

Mac Miller has been throwing out numerous songs lately, including a whole mixtape named "Best Day Ever." I hope you're a fan, because here's another one. There's some explicit language at the beginning, which I'm against (I think it dumbs the artist down), but Mac's flow in this song is undeniably smooth and catchy. Enjoy

Futuristic Funk - Mac Miller

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Recovering

Here's a track for your Sunday recovering before the week begins. Perfect to study with or simply sit back and relax to, this track from Bailey Jester is acoustic gold. Hope you enjoy

The Morning Sun - Bailey Jester

Friday, March 18, 2011

One More for Your Friday Night

XV keeps killing it recently, and his latest track featuring Pusha T, "Awesome," is no exception. This guy has great flow and rhyme. Can't go wrong with a little XV on your Friday night, enjoy it.

Awesome ft. Pusha T - XV

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beat Dropping: Volume II - "Style Comes with Excellence, Money Makes Benevolence"

Get your weekend started early with Beat Dropping: Volume II. Some songs are from older posts, others are brand new. Enjoy your weekend, shouldn't be a problem if you download this mixtape. Track list and download link are below

1. Donald Trump - Mac Miller
2. All Around the World - Mac Miller
3. Best Day Ever - Big Z Remixes
4. Cozza Frenzy - Bassnectar
5. Shady At War - JBW Experiment
6. The Writer (ft. Ellie Goulding)- SubVibe
7. All of The Lights Remix - Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Drake
8. Stereo Sun - Lupe Fiasco
9. Our Caribou Song - Doug Bogan
10. Caveman ft. Dani Ummel - The Dean's List
11. Rekindled Flesh - JBW Experiment

Download: Beat Dropping Volume

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brand New Mashups for Your Wednesday Night

Both of these mashups are brand new as in within the last few hours. I've talked about JBW Experiment in one of my earliest posts, and it was only a matter of time until I posted about them again. Both tracks use original beats with vocals from Ludacris, Eminem, and Lil' Wayne showering down on top. Great tracks from the growing JBW Experiment.

Rekindled Flesh - JBW Experiment
Rekindled Fresh (The JBW Experiment ft. Lil' Wayne, Huey, Birdman) by The JBW Experiment

Shady at War with Luda - JBW Experiment
Shady at War with Luda (The JBW Experiment ft. Eminem, Ludacris) by The JBW Experiment

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tune Traveler: Limitless Potential

Tune Traveler is pretty recent in the online music industry, but they shouldn't have any problems gaining publicity. Used as a means of marketing unlabeled artists as well as a music discovery engine, Tune Traveler, in my eyes, collaborates some of the best unseen talent out there. From acoustics to hip-hip, from reggae to funk, Tune Traveler has it all. The best part is the origin of the growing site:
"As students at Wofford College of Spartanburg, SC, Clarke Walker and Chris Dalton were heavily involved with planning concerts and booking bands. They shared a lifelong passion for listening to music and attending live music venues. During their senior year, Clarke and Chris saw the internet needed a better online platform for music discovery and collaboration, a place for music listeners and venues to discover new music while at the same time offering promotional tools for new and local talent. They saw an opportunity to develop their idea into a business through an extra-curricular venture capital program to raise startup capital. Chris and Clarke presented the idea to a small team of investors, the President, and other deans of the school. In the spring of 2010, Clarke and Chris received a small investment to bring to the internet."
So, take a break from Beat Dropping (not a long one) and visit the link below to enjoy the great collection of streaming tracks. Best of luck to Tune Traveler in the future, you have Beat Dropping's total support.

Enjoy Your Tuesday Night with Drew Dixon

I just found out about this guy through (a new, and great music site that helps artists market their music)and I immediately started loving his songs. Dixon's profile on myspace sums his life up well:
"The 22-year-old Columbia, S.C.-native combines his expressly unique voice with a deep appreciation for the blues and his innate rock tendencies, to create a deeply soulful vibe that connects with audiences of all ages, backgrounds and musical inclinations."
I hope you enjoy this guy as much as I do and choose to buy his music from iTunes.

This Road - Drew Dixon

The River - Drew Dixon

Beat Dropping is Now on Twitter

A Rainy Tuesday Track

Supplied by Tommy Oakes, soon to be Beat Dropping team member, this song is a good one for any rainy afternoon. With a laid back synth beat, "Basique" is one to fall asleep to, so stay indoors away from the rain and enjoy.

Basique - Little People

Monday, March 14, 2011

Everything by Jay Nash

Here's a simple, laid back tune for your Monday night from Jay Nash. A folk artist based out of Los Angeles, California, Nash remains unsigned but has produced albums such as "The Things You Think You Need." Performed live in London, this song is perfect to relax and study to. If you like what you hear, check the guy out on iTunes and help him towards his goal of signing with a record label. Hope you enjoy

Everything - Jay Nash

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Ellie Goulding Dubstep Remix

Normally I'm against posting anything other than acoustics on Sundays as my ears need a rest from the weekend, but I can't wait with this track. I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to piece my face back together because this song just melted it off. Starts out slow, but when it drops, it is outrageous.

The Writer (ft. Ellie Goulding) - SubVibe

For those of you not interested in dubstep, which is simply immature of you, here's a new Lupe track that has a nice flow, and should please many. Enjoy

Stereo Sun - Lupe Fiasco

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tracks for your Weekend

Some of these have been circulating for a little while, but if you haven't heard them here's your chance. Let your weekend commence.

Patience (ft. Damien Marley) - Nas

Finally Moving Big Boi - Vico Ono

That's All (ft. Gucci) - Brenton Duvall

Pride - Syntax

Beginning the Influx of Songs with Some Acoustics

Most of the songs I'm putting up this weekend are from one of my good friends, Tommy Oakes, who I aim to add to the Beat Dropping team shortly. He's got great taste and my goal by adding him is to upload more variety on the site. Hope you enjoy these two, more to come shortly.

Lemon Jelly - The Staunton Lick

Second Song (Ft. Keller Williams) - Assembly of Dust

Another Brick in the Lollipop

Another ridiculous song from Basic Physic to get your Friday started. There's gonna be a lot of posts in a short period of time coming soon. Use them as you wish, turn the volume up and enjoy your weekend

Another Brick in the Lollipop - Basic Physics
Another Brick in the Lollipop (Pink Floyd // Lil' Wayne) by Basic Physics

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just a Casual Speedy Fly Through Switzerland

Awesome video with an awesome electric banger.

Woco Nation Painting it Black and Gold

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but I've been swamped with work. Hopefully I can make it up to you with a few tracks that I just found. The first should come to no surprise if you've been keeping up with Beat Dropping, as it's another acoustic/rap duo. Something about laying verses over the acoustic guitar gets me. The second is a gem I found via, but the best is for last...

Touch The Stars - Chris Young & Rossy Are Vibe

Blind - Matt Martin

Terrier Nation (Black and Gold) - Jay the Great

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting Familiar with Your Family Tree

Not the newest song out there, but I was shuffling through my iPod earlier and fell back in love with this song. Laid back with great verses spit out by G-Riot, "Family Tree" is great to relax to. Keep listening for more tonight, hopefully I'll be able to post a few more tracks.

Family Tree - G-Riot

Racing with Wiz Khalifa

I just found this song thanks to, and it's pretty good. I'm usually split down the middle with Khalifa's tracks; I find some too hectic or harsh sounding. Needless to say, I like this one. Be sure to check Khalifa's new album out on iTunes. I hope you enjoy your Tuesday afternoon with a little Wiz.

The Race - Wiz Khalifa

Sunday, March 6, 2011

An Authentic Jam Session with Xavier Rudd

Australian native, Xavier Rudd, is one of my favorite singer/songwriters and for good reason. This guy can jam out and do so while utilizing some of the coolest instruments on our planet. Oh, I forgot, he does it all by himself. The guy is a born winner. Definitely a unique listen, Rudd has no problem winning ears over. Hope you enjoy a little jam session with Mr. Xavier Rudd.

Fortune Teller (Live at Melkberg)

Gift of the Trees

Better People

Rudd also just came out with his Spring 2011 Tour schedule, visit the link below.

Sunday Recovering

A little variety for your Sunday afternoon, these songs are perfect to recover with. Lay back, postpone the work, and catch up on some sleep.

What Are We Fighting For (Acoustic) - Tyrone Wells
(Couldn't get the embed code, but download it, you'll like it.)
13 What Are We Fighting For.m4a

Cold Feeling - Pretty Lights

Fast Car (Tracy Chapman Cover) - Boyce Avenue

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Learning Basic Physics on Your Saturday Night

Thanks to Gavin Fawcett, I'm now obsessed with the electric/mashup duo known as Basic Physics. Based out of Minneapolis, Basic Physics (Alex Syse and Eric Mitchell) have been pumping out music that does nothing short of getting people riled up for the night. These songs are filthy, and if you play them at any party, they're guaranteed to kill. Give them a listen and definitely visit their website at
The first song is my favorite, hope you enjoy because this is one of my favorite posts I've put up so far.

Good Knight Poppin'
Good Knight Poppin' (Emancipator // T.I.) by Basic Physics

Stuntin' With a Milli
Stuntin' with a Milli (Lil' Wayne // Phoenix // Pretty Lights) by Basic Physics
Download link for Stuntin' With a Milli:

No Hands Against Me
No Hands Against Me (Britney Spears // Waka Flocka) by Basic Physics

Stereo Love Lockdown
Stereo Love Lockdown (Edward Maya // Kanye West) by Basic Physics

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Falling Asleep on a Thursday Night

Here's one more track for your Thursday night, brought to you by Mother Earth Remixes. Similar to the Bryan Greenberg and Kid Cudi post I put up a while back, this song utilizes the acoustic guitar and soothing vocals, and in this case, a little input from Tupac. Thanks to JB for the track, hope you enjoy it

And Then You Get Away (Greg Laswell vs. Tupac) - Mother Earth Remixes

The Thrill is Gone By Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

A fun track for your Thursday evening, Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead and David Grisman add their own taste to BB King's famous, "The Thrill is Gone." This epic duo jams out and delivers a great cover that comes from their album "Grisman and Garcia" from 1991. Grisman's capabilities on the mandolin are endless and he lets you know it from the very beginning. Hope you enjoy

The Thrill is Gone - Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mumford & Sons 2011 Tour Dates Announced

The good news: Mumford & Sons have confirmed rumors of a 2011 tour in the US, and have released tour dates.
The bad news: The closest show to South Carolina or North Carolina is Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee.
According to, the band plans on starting in Montreal on May 13th and then making their way through the United States, and ending in Kansas on June 16th. The full schedule can be found on the link below. In anticipation, tide your ears over with some classic tracks.

Little Lion Man

Blank White Page

Winter winds

Wednesday Night Rolling

Wednesdays are great days, and even better nights. Why not let the next couple of songs help DJ for your night. Hope you enjoy

Fix Your Deez - Whole Z

Popular - Huey Mack

Infinite Dream - White Panda

Money Affiliated - LJC

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Study Hard with an Acoustic Syndicate

If you're looking for music to study to, download these. Keep em' on low volume and crank out that paper.

Coming Home for a Doctor ft. Jordan Corey - PJ Simas

Be Mine ft. Ellie Goulding - Erik Hassle

Easy Now - Daytrotter

31 flavors - Trevor Hall

Jolene - Zac Brown Band

Yet Another Good Husband Track

I hope y'all like these guys, because they keep spitting out track after track that I love. This one's called "Ima Machine."

Ima Machine - The Good Machine

Cam Meekin's New Mixtape "1993"

Cam Meekin's new mixtape, "1993," just landed today, and it is ridiculous. I've been a fan of Meekins for a couple years now and had big expectations for this mixtape. He delivered big time. Well done Cam, this is now my favorite mixtape of the year by far. Download link is below.

Doing My Thing

I'm Bored

Prettier Things

1993 Mixtape download:

Throwback Mashups for Your Tuesday Night

These are old, but that doesn't mean they're not golden. I'm waiting for a good mashup to come around the corner soon that can match the quality of the ones below. Today, DJ's are getting too hectic and are forcing songs on top of each other. All they have to do is look into the past and return to the basics...

Bullet ft. Citizen Cope - Rhymfest

Golden Encore - White Panda

Money Proof - Captured By Kings
(embed wouldn't cooperate, but just go ahead and download; it's a must have)
MoneyProof (La Roux Vs. Wayne+Birdman+Drake).m4a